Get your end to end order visibility

Control order deviance before receiving your client's call.

Why did we create a simple solution for order management ?

We believe that a unique solution can give the same order information to every supply chain professional 

We want to centralise orders informations for seamless execution without training on our software

We are sure that simplicity will bring efficiency for order cost management 

What can you do with Order Control Tower?

You will monitor orders in an efficient way to improve your customer satisfaction and Supply Chain efficiency


Analyse with dashboard your past order performance and be in control of orders that will arrive 


Get an alert if something goes wrong with your order and get in touch with the departement or the partner responsible of your delay 


Find where are your orders in an easy way and get all the logistic event timeline associated 

Benefits of Full Order visibility

By tracking your orders from provider to your direct end users you will bring more control to your operations, enhance communication and get ROI in a very short term

Order reactivity

You will be alerted if something goes wrong before your customers!

Better communication 

You will be able to share information and your colleagues will have similar visibility.

Responsability management 

When an order is delay, late or lost you will identify who is responsible and not waste time on investigation 

Order cost Management 

Delivering on time is fine but with the right price is better, we will help you anticipate and avoid costly last minute deliveries.

End to End visibility talks 

As 50 % of the global Supply Chain professionals do not have a perfect order visibility (Gartner 2021) We try to get their feedback before product launch

“Without alerting we are today missing out information when the problems occurs”

Purchaser – Retail company – Belgium

“I was making more than 5 calls to get the right information on my customer order location”

Store Manager – Retail company – France

“We spend 3 million to implement an OMS solution and we still do not get the result”

SC Manager – Pharmaceuticals – USA

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